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US-5898998-A: Bolt-cutter type cutting tool patent, US-5931055-A: Electrical transmission range shift system patent, US-5937458-A: Crib bumper safety system patent, US-5996631-A: Check valve patent, US-6011400-A: Bushing for an electrical high-frequency signal and a measuring instrument containing same patent, US-6144024-A: Digital densitometer using voltage-controlled oscillator, counter, and look-up table patent, US-6213085-B1: Directed jet spark plug patent, US-6230402-B1: Electrical contact termination for a flexible circuit patent, US-6243217-B1: Objective lens system patent, US-6267185-B1: Apparatus and method for communication with downhole equipment using drill string rotation and gyroscopic sensors patent, US-6279640-B1: Awning device patent, US-6314567-B1: Apparatus and method for transferring state data when performing on-line replacement of a running program code and data patent, US-6467698-B2: Vehicles containing water-producing fuel cells, and methods for using water produced by the fuel cells patent, US-6485336-B1: Coded electrical device and method patent, US-6557531-B2: Thermal type air flow meter patent, US-6576088-B2: Process for preparing dry broke patent, US-6577716-B1: Internet radio system with selective replacement capability patent, US-6613375-B2: Culinary product with creaming powder patent, US-6631932-B2: Motor vehicle door lock with elastically deflectable coupling element patent, US-4120043-A: Method and apparatus for multi-function, stored logic Boolean function generation patent, US-4233310-A: Antiarteriosclerotic N-(mercaptoacyl)-histidines patent, US-4236026-A: Separation of stereoisomeric vinylcyclopropanecarboxylic acids patent, US-4245831-A: Adjustable tray patent, US-4464749-A: Bi-directional token flow system patent, US-4499499-A: Method for identification and compression of facsimile symbols in text processing systems patent, US-4572719-A: Device for storing pallets and removing them from storage patent, US-4742829-A: Intracavitary ultrasound and biopsy probe for transvaginal imaging patent, US-4765750-A: Method of determining subsurface property value gradient patent, US-4802571-A: Apparatus for conveying suspended bottles patent, US-4912913-A: Bag sealing machine patent, US-4944894-A: Ether free organometallic amide compositions patent, US-4954561-A: Stabilizers for polymer/polyols patent, US-5211630-A: Hypodermic syringe patent, US-5253431-A: Linear measurement device patent, US-5422390-A: Flameproofed thermoplastic copolyester molding materials patent, US-5520156-A: Internal combustion engine apparatus with fuel filter for motor vehicle patent, US-5565313-A: Silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material patent, US-5696813-A: Telephone set patent, US-5797324-A: Drying device for a sheet-fed rotary printing machine patent, US-5843622-A: Liquid photosensitive resin composition for use in forming a relief structure patent, US-5850289-A: Scanning arrangement and method patent, US-5903289-A: Control circuit of a compact recording apparatus patent, US-5967539-A: Trail safe system patent, US-6021250-A: Coded data control device patent, US-3923833-A: N-{8 (1-cyano-2-phenyl)ethyl{9 carbamates patent, US-6170424-B1: Production/platform mooring configuration patent, US-6227893-B1: Card connector patent, US-6240564-B1: Garments patent, US-6292768-B1: Method for converting non-phonetic characters into surrogate words for inputting into a computer patent, US-6450125-B2: Floor overlay and drainage chute for livestock enclosures patent, US-6500829-B1: Substantially pure diastereoisomers of tetrahydrofolate derivatives patent, US-6608813-B1: Method and apparatus for achieving fault tolerance in packet switching systems with inverse multiplexing patent, US-6707406-B2: Semiconductor device for inverter control and control method patent, US-3775878-A: Snow removal attachment device for rotary-type mowers patent, US-3908092-A: Program controlled time division switching systems patent, US-3956906-A: Control top panty hose and method of knitting same patent, US-4013694-A: Ceria catalyzea conversion of phenols to dibenzofurans patent, US-4265347-A: Clutch mechanism for power driven hand tools patent, US-4329486-A: Process for preparing alkoxysilane cluster compounds by reacting a trialkoxysilanol with an amidated alkoxysilane cluster compound patent, US-4554639-A: Audio dosimeter patent, US-4591956-A: Sun visor for automotive vehicles patent, US-4596101-A: Continuous unfolding spacing tie patent, US-4773412-A: Speaking tracheostomy tube patent, US-4847052-A: Device for growing single crystals patent, US-4925743-A: Disposable body warmer and heat generating material therefor patent, US-4936441-A: Vertical type conveyor patent, US-4942670-A: Adhesive template tape patent, US-4987289-A: Liquid crystal display heating system patent, US-5237404-A: Inspection apparatus with improved detection of surface defects over large and curved surfaces patent, US-5380298-A: Medical device with infection preventing feature patent, US-5517288-A: Toner ribbon development cassette patent, US-5527078-A: Core lift patent, US-5581064-A: Automated coupon processing system employing coupon with identifying code and chosen second identifying code uniquely identifying the coupon patent, US-5581973-A: Apparatus for making round bales patent, US-5596139-A: Resonant liquid detecting device patent, US-5622476-A: Axial fixing arrangement for rotor blades of a turbomachine patent, US-5692344-A: Columbarium patent, US-5716941-A: Use of methyl donor compounds to treat neurological dysfunction associated with immune defects patent, US-5961406-A: Ball toy and method for making same patent, US-5984112-A: Display apparatus patent, US-6105555-A: Turbocharged internal combustion engine with system and method for enhancing turbocharger power patent, US-6109407-A: Process for the control of a transmission patent, US-6116697-A: Articulated work machine having an engine mounted in front of a load carrying receptacle on a trailer patent, US-6239502-B1: Phase change assisted heat sink patent, US-6427094-B1: Axial alignment apparatus, an eyeglass lens processing system and an eyeglass lens processing preparation system having the apparatus patent, US-6447242-B1: Feed pump patent, US-6536084-B2: Low profile integrated omega zipper closure system patent, US-6550682-B2: Bar code reading method, bar code reading apparatus, and program thereof patent, US-6552209-B1: Preparation of metal imino/amino complexes for metal oxide and metal nitride thin films patent, US-6653650-B2: Streamlined method and apparatus for aligning a sensor to an aircraft patent, US-6701640-B2: Self draining shoe patent, US-3851926-A: Pipe articulation patent, US-4611883-A: Two-dimensional optics element for correcting aberrations patent, US-4877062-A: Temple patent, US-4880993-A: Building heat and power system patent, US-4912625-A: Graphics verification system for numerical control programs patent, US-5072535-A: Illuminated sign with self-supporting display box patent, US-5166025-A: Matric plate for electrophotographic platemaking, production thereof and printing plate patent, US-5184056-A: Method of regulating the torque response of a multiphase electronically commutated electric motor patent, US-5269196-A: Injection molded plastic handlebar patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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