Display apparatus with touch panel, and apparatus and method for driving display apparatus



【課題】表示パネルとタッチパネルとを備えた表示装置において、表示パネルの駆動信号による位置検出精度の低下を防止する。 【解決手段】表示期間中には対向電極4に印加する電位の極性を一定周期(例えば1水平同期期間)毎に反転させる一方、非表示期間における所定の期間に、対向電極4の電位の変化を、当該電位の変化によってタッチパネル20の透明導電膜22に位置検出精度を低下させるような誘起電圧が生じない程度に緩やかにする。そして、この所定の期間に位置検出処理を行う。 【選択図】図1
<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To prevent position detection accuracy from being reduced due to a drive signal of a display panel in a display apparatus provided with the display panel and a touch panel. <P>SOLUTION: In a display period, the polarity of potential applied to a counter electrode 4 is inverted in each fixed period (e.g. one horizontal synchronizing period), and in a prescribed period of a non-display period, the potential of the counter electrode 4 is gently changed in a degree that induced voltage causing the reduction of the position detection accuracy due to the change of the potential is not generated in a transparent conductive film 22 of the touch panel 20. In the prescribed period, position detection processing is executed. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2007,JPO&INPIT




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