Door forced opening tool in emergency



【課題】新規な構造を有する、コンパクトで軽量、シンプルなドア強制開放用具を提供する。 【解決手段】ドア1とドア枠2の隙間に差し入れるために、並列に配置された押し上げ先端部3と基部先端部4とを備え、該先端部4は、基端部5の先端に配置されており、該基端部5のほぼ中心部には配置された函状支持体7が設けられ、他方の押し上げ先端部3は、その函状支持体7を中心に回転自在に設けたねじ切りされた柱状体に内部ねじ切り部が回転自在に係合された台座部に固定されており、該柱状体の頭部に設けたスパナ係合形態9をスパナ15で回転させることにより、柱状体のねじ切りと台座部材のねじ切りの間に螺旋運動により、台座部材が持ち上げられ、それと同時に、それに固定された先端部3が持ち上がり、ドア1とドア枠2の間の隙間が強制的に広げられる。 【選択図】図1
<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a compact, light and simple door forced opening tool capable of having a new structure. <P>SOLUTION: The door forced opening tool is equipped with the force front end section 3 and the basic front end section 4 arranged in parallel for inserting it in a space between a door 1 and a door frame 2, the front end section 4 is placed in the front end of the basic end section 5, a set box-like supporting body 7 is provided in approximately the center of the basic end section 5, the other force front end section 3 is fixed to a pedestal section rotatably engaging an inside thread cutting section with a columnar body which is made to carrying out thread cutting provided with the box-like supporting body 7 as the center in a rotatable manner, a pedestal member is lifted up between the a thread cutting of the columnar body and a thread cutting of the pedestal member by spiral motion by rotating a spanner engaging form 9 provided to the head section of the columnar body by a spanner 15 and, at the same time, the front end section 3 fixed thereto is lifted up to forcedly widen a space between the door 1 and the door frame 2. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2007,JPO&INPIT




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