Portable brush case



【課題】 絵筆を保護した状態で携帯し、簡単に使用できる携帯用筆入れを提供する。 【解決手段】 蝶番を介して開閉するとともに、筆や刷毛などの柄を有する細長い形状の画具を区別けして筆収納体と、該筆収納体に画具を収納し、閉じた状態で塞ぐことで筆容器となる筆容器蓋と前記筆収納体と筆容器蓋を着脱可能に固定する筆収納具着脱機構とより成り、前記筆収納体は、開いた状態で立設可能、かつ横にした状態で安定する底の役割を成す側面を形成する形状となったものであることを特徴とする。 【選択図】図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To carry paintbrushes under protection in such a way as to be usable quickly. SOLUTION: The device comprises a brush housing member to house thin and long painting devices with handles such as paintbrushes and other brushes as they are separated, a brush container lid to close the brush housing member to make a brush container as it is closed, and a brush housing member detachable mechanism to detachably fix the brush housing member and the brush container lid to each other, which are openable and closable to each other through hinges. The brush housing member is capable of standing as it is opened, and it has such side faces as to serve as a bottom as it is placed horizontally. COPYRIGHT: (C)2007,JPO&INPIT




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