Power switch



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a power switch with power source shutdown speed raised, securing a superb electric contact property, easy to assemble, and of low cost. SOLUTION: The switch is provided with a pair of fixed terminals 7 opposed to each other in parallel having outside connecting parts 6, and a rotating terminal 9 arranged between the pair of fixed terminals in free rotation. Each of the pair of fixed terminals is provided with a plurality of contact parts 28 with intervals in a peripheral direction, while the rotating terminal is provided with a plurality of contacted parts 37 corresponding to the plurality of contact parts. The contact parts 28 and the contacted parts 37 are arranged radially. A shaft part 8 for driving the rotating terminal 9 with is made penetrated through the fixed terminals 7. The fixed terminals 7 except the contact parts 6 and the rotating terminal 9 are contained in layers in an insulated case 4. The rotating terminal 9 is made in insulating resin mold, with the contacted parts 37 exposed from an insulating resin material 41. A cylindrical part 43 for the shaft 8 to be inserted into is formed at the insulating resin material 41, and is made penetrated into the fixed terminal 7. COPYRIGHT: (C)2007,JPO&INPIT
【課題】電源遮断速度を高め、且つ良好な電気的接触性を確保し、また、組立が容易で低コストな電源スイッチを提供する。 【解決手段】外部接続部6を有して平行に対向する一対の固定端子7と、一対の固定端子の間に回転自在に配置される回転端子9とを備え、一対の固定端子が複数の接触部28を周方向に間隔をあけて有し、回転端子が複数の接触部に対する複数の被接触部37を有することを特徴とする電源スイッチ1を採用した。接触部28と被接触部37とを放射状に配置した。回転端子9を駆動するための軸部8を固定端子7に貫通させた。絶縁ケース4内に外部接続部6を除く固定端子7と回転端子9とを層状に収容した。回転端子9を絶縁樹脂モールドし、被接触部37を絶縁樹脂材41から露出させた。軸部8を挿通させる筒状部43を絶縁樹脂材41に形成し、筒状部を固定端子7に貫通させた。 【選択図】図5




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